Caesars Voted GameOn Finalist

Regional NSW business Caesars was recently voted a Greentree GameOn finalist.
Mark Gould director of GT Business says “GT Business is really pleased to be associated with a finalist in the $250,000 Greentree Game-ON promotion. Caesars are a family owned home furnishing business in Griffith NSW. It is tremendous that a regional based business who are closely involved in their community was given a chance at winning this fantastic prize.”
“Normally when people buy carpets they tend to buy something else,” says Financial Controller Sonia Callipari, “but at present we have no way of communicating between departments.” Callipari would also like integrated payroll entry, better stock control and warehousing systems, and to enable customers to make payments online. “Greentree would streamline us,” she says. “It would help us better serve our customers, in terms of knowing where they’re at, and what service we can provide them with now and in the future.”   >>

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