Greentree Goes 3D

The latest version of Greentree adds a stunning array of visual enhancements; there’s also a new range of capabilities that continue to ensure Greentree’s customers are always ahead of the competition, and primed for business. New functionality included in Greentree 3D includes:
Major changes to CRM, enabling the easy importing and de-duplicating of data. There is no need to store and maintain mailing lists externally. It means that your email or postal lists are always accurate and up to date, and available in CRM.
Warehouse Management suite now includes Warehouse Bin Management, enabling trouble-free picking and packing, and Mobile Warehouse Operations, which allows staff to pick items on the move, updating orders and information in real-time.
For management of day-to-day operations, Greentree’s new visual planning boards provide real-time information on just about every hands-on business action. At a glance you can see what jobs staff are doing, allocate new tasks to those who are free, plan job, service and leave requests, and be notified instantly of changes.
Greentree has made job costing a breeze with date based price books, which allow you to set up new pricing structures in advance, and job cost inventory advanced pricing, which offers highly configurable pricing options. Greentree’s Job Cost module can also interface with Microsoft Project, allowing you to update information in both.
Greentree WebView is a powerful publishing engine that allows anyone else you wish to view any Greentree information via a web browser. WebView Financial Reporting allows you to define the structure of your financial reports and publish them to authorised users, who can also drill down for further information.
3D just goes to show that Greentree has one focus: to help companies be primed for business.
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