'True Grit' with GT Business

For over 20 years the GT Business team have provided confidence boosting solutions to SME’s. In celebration of this, GT Business are proud to unveil their new tagline that says exactly what they do, deliver ‘Software with Integrity’.
Finding a business solution partner can be both a grind and challenging, often taking ‘true grit’. Mark Gould of GT Business says “businesses come in all shapes and sizes and they have varying needs, this is why we don’t sell to clients, instead we help them uncover their absolute needs.” But, according to Mark that’s where the real hard work starts “we challenge ourselves to help them manage the changing business landscape and ultimately become high performing businesses.”
Looks like a third axiom in life is now in place, apart from death and taxes you can be assured that with GT Business you have a trustworthy business partner that’s in it for the long-haul. Read the Full Story>

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