Collaborative Decision Making

Decisions aren’t made in isolation, they’re collaborative. They’re based on social exchanges driven by real-time debate, dialog and shared insight. QlikView’s social Business Discovery approach puts the social and collaborative experience front and center. Report-centric, traditional BI forces single users to make gut-based decisions based on static, pre-configured data. QlikView’s social Business Discovery platform is different and transformative because it supports:
* Every Business User – Business users from all groups, teams and departments can use QlikView to collaborate on data, analysis and decisions
* Interactive Apps – Enables business users to explore relevant data without limits
* Real-Time Decisions – Groups of business users can engage in live “co-browsing” sessions with up-to-the-minute data
* Ongoing Exchanges – Bookmarks and in-app notes let users discuss and debate decisions over time.
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QlikView lets you interact with and share data and analytics to drive innovative decisions and achieve common goals more effectively than ever. And it provides you with unprecedented freedom to securely and privately collaborate.
With GT Business and QlikView – Collaboration no longer knows any borders.
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