Grant Turbo-Powers Greentree

Greentree International will receive $2.65 million towards its research & development programme over three years.
Science and Innovation Minister Steven Joyce says the grants go to business that have “a strong history of investment in research and development”.
“The successful commercialisation of innovative ideas is critical to the success of the New Zealand economy,” Joyce says. “Some of our most successful businesses in recent times have been the most innovative ones. We need more innovative businesses to compete successfully on the global stage.”
This achievement was no walk in the park for us – there was a rigorous qualification process, as we expected, and it was focused on results and innovation.
In the end, the strength of our case proved to be a winner, and as a result, our research programme will be stepped up another notch.
Greentree is totally focused on developing market-leading business software that in turn drives export success and has created a strong Australasian presence, as well as growing communities in the UK and USA.
“Our R&D programme is huge and always expanding, and this grant will definitely help,” says Greentree’s CEO, Peter Dickinson.
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