Say Goodbye to 'Handbrake' Legacy Systems

If your legacy systems are a handbrake on your business, take a moment to read about what these companies have in common; hint – they were all held back by legacy systems now they are ‘unleashed’ with the help of GT Business and Greentree.
Legacy systems can and regularly do, put the handbrake on business growth, frustrate moves toward better customer service, or even mislead you on how your business is actually performing.
The following examples are just three Greentree customers that made the move because their legacy systems were causing them too much pain. They needed more than just basic accounting, the information their existing system was delivering couldn’t be trusted, or it had so many add-ons that daily tasks had become complex beyond all reason.
Greentree changed all that – read on:

Example 1 – Interaust:
No more headless chickens
Interaust imports thousands of tonnes of raw food materials every year for manufacturers, and its legacy system was forcing staff to “run around like headless chickens” keeping track of stock and prices. Read More
Example 2 – Irvine Flooring: Flooring the competition
Irvine Flooring’s industry-specific business system was delivering suspect financial information, its reporting was just plain inadequate, and staff were “pulling their hair out”.
Read More
Example 3 – Parmco: Customer satisfaction assured
Parmco, a leading supplier of high-quality kitchen appliances, had had enough of its legacy system which was forcing its staff to fight daily battles with complex manual processes.
Read More

Say goodbye to your legacy system…
If your legacy system is a handbrake on your business, talk to GT Business about how we can replace it with an accelerator.

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