Greentree No1 for NFP

Whether they’re assisting communities in the Third World, giving fledgling companies a leg up, or supporting people with disabilities; not-for-profit organisations have a common need: a business system that enables them to deliver sound commercial outcomes. They run on tight budgets, they need transparent accountability, and the stability of their operations is crucial. It would seem Greentree is ticking all these boxes and more for Not-For-Profit’s. Here’s three NFPs that are now barking up the right tree:
Sale of Fair Trade products through Oxfam Shop benefits poverty-stricken communities worldwide. They wanted to create a supermarket sales channel, which made EDI and supply chain functionality essential. Read More
WSX supports start-up businesses in southern England, and is a valuable resource to the local economy. Because it draws EU funding, it needed real-time data to ensure strict compliance. Read More
Support services for the disabled and disadvantaged are the focus of this Queensland-based organisation, and major changes to service funding drove FSG to seek a modern, flexible business system. Read More
Oxfam, WSX and FSG have all made the move to Greentree. If your current system is preventing you from concentrating on the reason you got into business in the first place, learn more about Greentree by talking to GT Business

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