Big data and analytics trends for 2014

Throughout 2013, big data and analytics have been among the most-hyped themes within the world of IT. With the vast datasets that most businesses now own about their customers and themselves, it’s no wonder that applying analytics to this data to better understand customers and business processes is increasingly attractive.
But how much was hype and how much was reality? For many businesses, analytics — not necessarily “big” data — in particular began adding up.
Projects will also enable clearer visibility of behavioural trends and patterns to see both opportunity to enhance a relationship — for example to upsell and improve service delivery — or to intervene to reduce fraud or risk in a business. They will also be able to ask previously unaskable questions.
Organisation cultures may also need to change, moving from a view of analytics discovery as a discrete project to a core competency for the business. In a similar vein, those with the tools to access analytics will need to encompass the whole business, not just the IT department.
2014 is likely to see more and more companies deploying ‘smart data engines’. Talk to GT Business about the QlikView Business Intelligence Solution.
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