Insights to optimize service industry performance

Implement QlikView to improve service line profitability and workforce utilization. Target and retain profitable customers. Exploit sales, marketing, alliance and service opportunities to increase revenue. Decrease cost to serve, days sales outstanding, and asset procurement expenditures. Track leading indicators to adjust operations to market conditions.
Services firms face unique challenges when compared to those in the commercial sector. The focus is on people interacting with people and serving clients rather than transforming physical goods. Professionals in the services industry are highly skilled; engagements come at a premium price and investments are universally being scrutinized by program offices, boards, and investors alike.
Personal services firms provide services to individuals and businesses alike, and face many of the same challenges professional services firms do, but with the added dimension of a fleet or a storefront.  A personal services firm must attract and retain profitable customers through targeted campaigns, a differentiated services offering, and top notch service delivery.
With cost pressures increasing at the same time as clients’ expectations for quality, firms must manage expenses and margins closely. Business discovery unlocks the answers that will help service providers improve their business decisions about operational, asset and human capital overhead that directly impact business profitability.

Using the QlikView Business Discovery platform, leading services organizations can

  • Enhance accuracy of revenue, win-loss ratios, days sales outstanding (DSO) and resource utilization forecasting
  • Attract and retain profitable customers through targeted customer focused campaigns
  • Optimize operational efficiency and rapidly consolidate financial information to maximize working capital by geo and business units
  • Boost profitability of your project and IT service execution; proactively monitor projects and control service delivery costs
  • Remove cost through efficient management of physical assets, whether it is IT hardware or a fleet of vehicles
  • Improve accuracy and reduce administrative and IT burdens associated with data analysis
  • Improve governance of risk, regulatory and compliance programs

The QlikView Customer Experience

Discover why more than 2,000 leading services firms worldwide are turning to QlikView to overcome their Business Intelligence (BI) challenges and improve operating performance.
Around the world, service firms are faced with increasing pressure to do business faster and more efficiently, without undermining their quality of delivery. Providers are looking to automate manual analysis and outdated reporting, ensure regulatory compliance, integrate information sources brought together by mergers, and take on new business quickly and efficiently.
Talk to GT Business about the QlikView Business Discovery platform that delivers true self-service BI that empowers knowledge professionals to achieve the business insight required to accelerate work-to-cash cycles, lower operating costs, and reduce overall firm and client risk.
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