Data Visualization Pitfalls

QlikView have provided a essential guide to the Visualizatiuon of Data. We all know charts and graphs are an incredibly powerful way to present your data, but even minor mistakes can bury your insights in clutter and confusion.
Traditional charts just don’t cut it in today’s complex data landscape. You need to be able to interact quickly with your data, get answers fast, and navigate through a deluge of data with ease. Data visualization tools can help you do just that — as long as you avoid its pitfalls.
Learn the secrets and avoid the top five pitfalls of data visualization:

  • Colour abuse
  • Misuse of pie charts
  • Visual clutter
  • Poor design
  • Bad Data

Find out why each of these is a danger to data visualization success, and learn strategies for generating creative, effective visualizations. This outline will help you tell a clear and compelling story every time with critical tips on colour choices, choosing formats for different data types, avoiding “chart junk,” and more.
With QlikView you can work directly with the data you see. You can interact with the visuals to dig deeper. And you can navigate through all your information like never before. Contact GT Business about QlikView.
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Download the QlikView 5 Data Visualization Pitfalls Guideline pdf

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