GT Business Solutions and Competitive Advantage

comp advanGreat customer service can be a real source of competitive advantage for a company. No matter how good your customer service team is, if you can’t give them the tools and processes with which to respond, particularly in an internet connected world, then you may as well not bother. An integrated ERP system with CRM and Business Intelligence capacity enables a company with a range of departments and bases to ‘get on the same page’ and target its efforts into customer management, accurate forecasting and profit focused endeavors.

Having your customer data up to date and readily accessible is crucial to providing optimum customer satisfaction. When your business systems are all engaged and integrated with each other, that engagement translates into superior customer service. Integrated technology enables collaboration between departments, centralised storage of customer data, and the ability to monitor performance for better customer engagement. Couple that with business intelligence that helps to identify key performance indicators, and you’ve got competitive advantage ‘in spades’.

get-a-free-greentree-demoBusinesses today need to be responsive, in touch with customers’ needs and be flexible to changing markets. GT Business applies 30 plus years of expertise in providing, implementing and supporting software solutions like Greentree. The mission has been customer focused, thereby determining and delivering the best fit solution for business. In terms of outcomes our customers tell us they are enabled with the tools and confidence to focus on the productivity and responsiveness their business.

“GT Business provided the knowledge, expertise and guidance the company required to evolve from a cost-cutting focus to maximising sales and pursuing opportunities.”
Mark Murphy, Finance Director – Gerrard Murphy Plumbing
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