Murphy Plumbers Improve Flow with Greentree & GT Business

Growth is exciting for any business but as Mark Murphy, Finance Director at Gerrard Murphy Plumbing discovered, systems and processes often struggle to keep up with the excitement. Aside from beefing-up business systems, Mark realised that to really maximise Murphy’s business growth potential, there needed to be a cultural change in focus. Wisely, he also realised that he couldn’t implement the changes required alone, so sought help from local Greentree partner GT Business. Having worked with GT Business for over 10 years, Mark had great confidence in their experience & knowledge of best business practice and agreed with them that, getting the correct business rules wrapped around the best-fit system, would be the optimal path to cost and workflow efficiency.
Greentree was chosen to migrate the business to a best practice environment whilst GT Business provided the knowledge, expertise and guidance the company required to evolve from a cost-cutting focus to maximising sales and pursuing opportunities. Mark Murphy speaks of the infectious commitment of GT Business support team, who have worked as an integral part of the Murphy Plumbing business from the beginning. Since implementing Greentree, a number of key streamlining processes have been enhanced and the partnership with GT Business was the key driver for progression of the business.
Mark Murphy said he realised their old system wasn’t performing since there didn’t seem to be any real flexibility or tangible benefits but “GT Business came up with some useful ERP system customisations which have made progressive, overdue improvements”.
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