Greentree4: eDocs Released

GT Business is proud to announce the release of more ground-breaking software: Greentree4 eDocs.
Greentree4 eDocs automates and streamlines the time it takes to receive, route, code and approve everyday invoices and other essential documents.
There are two things that make eDocs a real pain killer:

  1. It’s paperless; automatically receive documents directly into your Greentree system and route them electronically through your business for coding and approval.
  2. Anywhere anytime sign-off; simply log-in and sign off with a click – it’s even easier than using a pen.

Minimal keying, minimal scanning and absolutely no more posting, couriering or waiting around. It doesn’t matter if you’re processing 2,000 or 200,000 invoices, Greentree4 eDocs will be one of the best investment decisions you can make for your business.

Key benefits

  •  Slashes processing time
  •  Faster coding than keying
  •  More accurate coding
  •  Paperless approval
  •  No-cost remote approval
  •  Never pay an invoice twice
  •  Visibility of document when it arrives
  •  Visible status updates
  •  Collapse month end (get invoices in earlier)
  •  Document PDF effortlessly saved to file
  •  Automatically extract details off a PDF

Greentree4 eDocs lets you churn through a high volume of processing, in seconds, without a second thought.
Become a Swift-e with Greentree eDocs!
Download the Brochure
More Information on eDocs

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