ERP Financial Management and Business Growth

An ERP Financial Management system should be the beating heart of every business. As money pumps in, money pumps out; it’s critical to ensure you’re following the right financial regimen to maintain the health of the organization and facilitate business growth. As most businesses expand, however, their customer base and supply chain evolve and become more complex. Minding the books while trying to gather insights from financial data becomes increasingly difficult.
Too many companies — focused on developing products and fending off the competition — ignore the requirements of healthy operations and instead rely on a ‘clunky’ financial system that encourages the worst possible habits. These organizations end up being ‘hamstrung’, working around their financial management system, resulting in a variety of devastating afflictions, such as poor decision-making, low productivity and a lack of competitiveness.
By letting go of antiquated financial systems and moving to a modern, ERP financial management system that’s integrated with other operational systems, a company can centralize business data and ensure access to correct, up-to-the-minute information. By selecting a financial system that offers enterprise collaboration, a company can reduce processes, increase productivity and allow for integration between the front and back offices.
The ideal ERP system should automate daily financial processes and eliminates reliance on spreadsheets. This will streamline the workflow and reduce the possibility of errors. This should automate expense tracking, linking those entries to client projects to improve billing accuracy and minimize revenue leakage. Today’s ERP financial systems offer the ability to centralize and aggregate data across far-flung enterprises, making it possible to automate and streamline revenue management to minimize compliance risk and ultimately promote growth.
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