GT Business Solutions Wins Prestigious Sale of the Year 2015 Award

For the second year running GT Business are proud to have been recognised as achieving what is effectively the best new Greentree sales process collaboration in Australia. The Greentree Awards applaud the achievements of the global network of Greentree Partners. The Best Sale Award illustrates the GT Business mantra of delivering premium quality solutions and services to its customers; aspiring to always go above and beyond. “ATI didn’t buy Greentree just to meet its needs – it partnered with Greentree and GT Business Solutions because we showed ATI the way forward” says Mark Gould, Managing Director, GT Business Solutions.
GT Business customer ATI is a wireless telecommunications engineering company that required a system to truly engage and manage relationships, from the first interactions through to repeat business. There were significant objectives to be met in the sale process. GT Business listened, then developed a coherent and powerful response, which it presented as a way forward, overcoming the challenges outlined by ATI. The result was a unified, fully integrated solution providing the customer with unparalleled visibility of its business from all angles. Arawa Driscoll is General Manager, Engineering and Sales, for ATI, Arawa says “Greentree had the edge with end-to-end integration, which we feel is an answer to many of our problems.”
Entrants in the prestigious annual awards are nominated by Partners, customers and the wider Greentree community. Judging is rigorous and the trophies are highly coveted as a mark of excellence. Greentree describes the winner of Sale of the Year Award as having demonstrated a well-managed sales process, a clearly communicated value proposition and overcoming any challenges along the way. The sale must have occurred during the last 12 months. Greentree indicates that the award is not just about revenue generated, it recognises value delivered to the customer and a highly professional sales approach. Mark Gould concluded that “Engaging with customers goes beyond being ‘simply a sale’, it is an ongoing transaction of ideas, methodologies, strategies and expertise.”
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