‘Switched On’ Mobile ERP

Greentree may not be the first in the market with mobile business access they are aiming to be the best in what they do.
At Greentree has offered mobile apps for many years with Windows client sales, service and warehouse modules; the warehouse app in particular is recognised for its “ruggedness” and fit-for-purpose.
When it comes to mobile ERP we’re talking about genuine, hard out mobile access to your core business operational systems. Access that you should be able to simply “switch on” and have seamlessly available across all the platforms and devices your employees use.
Over the past few years there have been any number of early-adopter scenarios in the mobile ERP app space. As with the introduction of any disruptive technology we’ve seen a high rate of churn and increasing fragmentation, as well as valuable learnings that have evolved as application technologies, devices and platforms explode.
Get switched on to Mobile ERP.
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