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Time is a precious commodity for any business. It follows then that it should be highly regarded, monitored and where possible saved. Month-end reporting might seem deadly boring but it’s essential ‘heavy lifting’ that every company has to face up to on a regular basis – well, at least once a month.
Getting it done and doing it well are two different things but it is essentially what makes monthly reporting such a compelling topic:
Firstly, there is no absolute right way. Every company has different requirements and different challenges when it comes to getting month-end reports out. When you’re implementing an ERP software system it’s an area that a skilled consultant should focus on in order to ensure it operates the way your business needs it to, as opposed to enforcing a system-driven process on you.
Secondly, it is one area where you can make significant productivity gains. It’s a highly visible area of financial reporting, arguably one of the most important and as a result any gains you can make in this area will impact right across your business.
Over the years Greentree customers have taken the time to share just how much they’ve been able to gain from implementing a variety of different approaches to the end-of-month challenge with a net effect of saving, on average, 75% in the time it takes.
Of course,  it is not just the time savings per se but the hidden time saving created from getting accurate reporting embedded into your systems and processes. You do it once and you get it right. In operating off one integrated database, you have a single version of the truth that virtually eliminates the opportunity for error. So while cloud and mobility may be capturing the headlines, every business should first and foremost pay attention to getting the basics right. Reporting is the heavy lifting we all have to do – it may not be the most exciting of subjects but it is one that is going influence your business decisions. Time is of the essence with Greentree.
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