Operational Intelligence = Integrated Business GPS.

Imagine a business continually enabled to take its own pulse. That business could access its functioning vital signs and react to the dynamics of change, tuning the operational necessities for performance progression. If the business was a ship, both it, and its crew would be continually optimized and on-course for success. A business equipped with Operational Intelligence, is a company equipped with an integrated business GPS.
According to a recent blog by our partner Greentree, Operational Intelligence is about tapping into data and business processes to change actions in real-time across the entire fabric of your business. It’s about systems that use information to streamline processes and make sure there are no gaps or cracks in how your business operates. Unlike Business Intelligence (BI), which relates to data analysis and long-term change, OI means immediate action and improved efficiency in your business’s day-to-day.
Working towards Operational Intelligence doesn’t necessarily mean collecting vast swathes of new data. It can simply mean accessing and applying “intelligence” to the data you already have. It means that rather than waiting for information to come to you, the data you need is delivered as and when you need it based on built in alerts and triggers that sit right across the system.
Implementing an integrated business management system, such as Greentree4, is a good first step on your OI journey. It automatically removes information silos and enables you to access data from one single point of truth. It helps to improve communication between departments and make it easier for you to use the information you already have to make your day-to-day work faster, easier, and more accurate.
Operational Intelligence is of infinite value to your business – it will give you ready access to the information you need, streamline communication and help automate systems to remove error.
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