Greentree ERP: Primed for OI and BI

Are Business Intelligence and Operational Intelligence the same? It’s fair to say they are connected and both lever a fully integrated business system, they both work with data, but they are not the same thing. Our business partner Greentree outline the scenario. Read the original article.
Put simply, Operational Intelligence is about tapping into data and business processes to change actions in real-time across the entire fabric of your business. It quite literally connect the dots for your organisation so that no matter what your role is, you can deliver the best outcome, each and every time.
Business Intelligence, on the other hand, focusses on with the longer term. It’s about using business data to forecast and plan for the future – but it can’t do much about the here and now.
Operational and Business Intelligence both rely on data. They both help businesses get to grips with large amounts of information – but they do it differently. Where Operational Intelligence works with real time data, even as it’s changing, Business Intelligence analyses data after the fact.
This means OI is all about the day-to-day functionality. It’s about managing activities and functions as and where they occur. That can mean integrating software programmes so staff aren’t forced to transfer information, giving people access to real-time stock data while they’re on the sales floor, or something as simple as sending customers an alert when their order comes in.
BI is designed for the long term. It’s about taking data after the fact and using it for intelligent forecasting and planning. Because it offers the ability to slice and dice results and create complex reports, BI offers a depth that OI can’t.
Business Intelligence and Operational Intelligence are different – but that doesn’t mean they can’t work together. Many businesses find the two approaches complementary, rather than conflicting. OI is used to streamline everyday functions, backed up with the in-depth analysis of BI. It’s about what a business needs at any one time.
Usually, if a business wanted to take advantage of both BI and OI functions, they would need to use two different pieces of software – or deploy an add-on to their main programme. As a truly fully integrated ERP business system Greentree4 provides the opportunity for both Business Intelligence and Operational Intelligence. Get ‘primed for business’ with Greentree. Contact GT Business Solutions to learn more.

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