Greentree Customers: Always 'Primed for Business'

The best business solutions don’t stand still! They are flexible, adaptable, innovative and are subject to regular updates from the software vendor. Greentree is committed to continually expanding the capability of its ERP Solution. The following are recent examples of Greentree’s ongoing updates Read the full ‘updates’ article from our business partner Greentree.
Zone Attachments
The document Zone is available on the majority of forms within the Greentree4 Browser Client providing a summary of activity relating to that record. New functionality has been added to the Zone to allow users to upload files to the related record so they can drill in to open the document concerned.
Files can be added by “drag and drop” either one at a time or multiples files at once. When attaching a file a user can provide a short description, choose to publish it in any one of the eModules and in doing-so alter the privacy status accordingly.
It is the perfect way to bring all the information you need against a particular record or file, in one place including documentation uploaded by other departments across the company. And of course, being Greentree4 browser based, it will be available online wherever and whenever you need it.
Communications, Appointments and Follow-ups Enquiry
This latest functionality lets you drill down into details of communications, appointments and follow ups related to organisations, quotes and activities. These all link to provide a clear picture of the activity related to a particular organisation.
For someone out in the field, they no longer have to go back to the office as detailed information can now be made instantly available to them wherever they are. Managers also have access to the same level of detail as to what is happening in the field (or not) with an alert able to be created for when notes are updated and if a customer may not have been visited or contacted for a certain period of time.
eDocs Expense Manager
This latest update to eDocs takes the paperless office one step further, with an end to all those paper receipts required to support expense claims. It also gives you end-to-end electronic processing of expenses, including reconciliation against credit card statements and online approval.
Making the most of mobile technology, an expense receipt can now be instantly photographed on a smart phone or tablet and emailed to be picked up by Greentree eDocs; this is then stored until it is reconciled against a credit card invoice or added to an expense claim.
Not only does this make the provision of receipts much easier, it also highlights any expenses that aren’t claimed in a given month putting an end to messy wash-ups sometimes weeks or months later. Expense sign off can also be done on line, so there are no hold ups in the reimbursement process if a manager happens to be out of town.
It is much easier for those submitting the expenses but pretty much life-changing for those with the unenviable task of reconciling and/or approving them. Your Greentree Partner will be able to give you a detailed run down of how this and other eDocs functionality will transform the way you manage invoicing, expenses and other normally paper-based processes.
Updates are just part of the many benefits that customers of Greentree enjoy. The update methodology ensures customers are effectively always ‘primed for business’ with access to the latest and greatest enterprise software features.
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