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Greentree is an ERP software vendor totally committed to helping its customers become ‘primed for business’. Another example of this business promise, is the introduction and integration of BPAY into its ERP solution. BPAY is a quick and familiar tool that enables efficient steadfast transactions. BPAY is a payment option used by a wide range of companies across Australia and New Zealand. Greentree customers are now more prepared than ever to securely and reliably pay suppliers.
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In typical Greentree fashion, we’ve gone out of our way to make the adoption of BPAY easy for users and have integrated a number of helpful features.
Once you’ve chosen to pay a supplier via BPAY you can define the supplier’s specific BPAY biller code along with exactly how you want to reference the transactions that make up the payment. These can be pre-determined or specific to each transaction.
Using standard Greentree tools you then process the payments, and generate an upload file of all the specific payments to your bank. It is simple, secure and another great way to pay with Greentree.
About BPAY
BPAY is offered on over 44,000 bills (via 22,000 billers and more than 22,000 Sub Billers), these businesses cover a spectrum of industries with over 299 industry (ANZSIC) codes represented in the BPAY biller file. BPAY accepts more payments than ever. Each month BPAY helps process more than 30 million bills worth more than $24 billion — with around 92 per cent of these paid through a customer’s online or mobile bank.
BPAY Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cardlink Services Limited (Cardlink). Cardlink is owned equally by Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, National Australia Bank Limited and Westpac Banking Corporation.
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