Greentree Delivers ERP for Better Distribution Business

The distribution business may be about deadlines, dollars, drivers, divisions, delivery and distance, but ERP should be the engine that keeps it all on track. Smart Transport, Distribution and Warehouse organisations should consider Greentree’s world-class Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.
GT Business partners with ERP vendor Greentree, who created the full original version of this article.
With the right integrated ERP solution, your business can improve operations, meet compliance requirements more easily, work to best practice standards, retain business knowledge, and even improve the way you plan for the future. Done right, ERP can push you towards better service delivery across your business.
ERP – How your business benefits
Once implemented you can use the power of ERP to improve almost any part of your operations.
Here are some of the benefits you should see:

  • Improved operations: An effective, integrated system gives you certainty around the integrity of your business data, financial management and business processes. You’ll reduce errors, and have complete visibility and control with an easily accessed, central source of real-time data.
  • Regulatory compliance: ERP lets you build HR regulations, Health and Safety and any other industry specific standards into the software, so you maintain compliance – and you can prove it. You’ll keep your business up to standard and keep your staff safe
  • Working to best-practice standards: Building operational intelligence into your systems and processes lets you maintain these standards – and means that anyone buying the business will be able to maintain the same standards in future.
  • Retaining business knowledge: ERP lets you retain internal process knowledge, so it’s not lost when staff leave. And with everything documented and mapped, everything you need to train new staff is at your fingertips.
  •  Governance: To make good business decisions, you need good data. With an effective ERP system, you’ll have access to accurate, timely data that you can rely on. You’ll know the where, what, and how of every aspect of your business at any one time.

Taking the plunge – investing in ERP
Whatever the potential benefits, ERP is a considered investment. Before you take the plunge, it’s important to have all the facts and understand what you’re getting into. Greentree have created a guide e-book to help business understand the usage and benefits of ERP.

The guide is broken up into sections covering the different ways ERP can help your business. Each section includes simple explanations and case studies to help you understand the issues and benefits of an integrated business management system.
It includes a checklist of what to look for when you’re considering purchasing an ERP system, and some extra information about how Greentree works with its Partners.
GT Business and Greentree are committed to priming your business and finding ways to deliver better productivity, better profitability and better engagement for your organisation.
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