Has your Business Outgrown its Accounting Software?

Entry-level Accounting Software such as MYOB and Quickbooks has a place in smaller businesses. These small business accounting systems let SMBs perform quickly what was previously a full time bookkeeping and accounting role. However, while they are adequate for start-ups and small businesses, companies that want to move to the next level must have much more capable software in place to help support growth. Simply put, growing companies need software that is for more than just accounting. Growing businesses need Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software, like Greentree.
So what is ERP?
ERP is a business management system that integrates most functions of a business, including quoting, planning, manufacturing, service, sales and marketing. It also covers activities like stock control, order tracking, customer service, finance and staff. SME’s and large organisations use ERP systems to manage every aspect of their businesses. Growing SME’s that feel constrained by the likes of MYOB & Quickbooks can reap huge rewards from using an ERP system such as the Greentree Solution delivered by GT Business.
Five important Benefits of an ERP system:
1.Affordable for small and medium businesses
2.Saves you time and money on administration
3.ERP integrates all facets of your business
4.Provides proper “Big Business” reporting
5.Is flexible and will grow with you
Business growth is one of the many reasons SME’s break free from the limitations imposed by basic accounting software and seek out a more sophisticated ERP system to manage almost every aspect of their business. As a business grows and you start adding staff, entry-level accounting systems start to slow down and lose performance. Data corruption also becomes a concern as multiple people start trying to access the same record at the same time. Flexibility is another huge advantage of an ERP system. As you change a process or procedure in your business, you can change your ERP system’s workflow rules to match your company policy.
It might be time to upgrade your current Accounting system to an ERP solution like Greentree.
Contact GT Business to discover how an ERP system like Greentree can help underpin the growth of your business.

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