The Business Benefits of Becoming Operationally Intelligent

Not all enterprise-wide software systems are made equal. Most offer limited or clunky bolt-on style integration. However, a rare few ERP systems do provide full business integration. Given that Operational Intelligence leverages full system-wide integration, it follows then that a company must be running a fully integrated ERP system like Greentree to be to achieve the business benefits of Operational Intelligence.
Assuming that the business is running a fully integrated ERP system like Greentree, what are the benefits of OI?
According to a recent blog by our partner Greentree, Operational Intelligence has the potential to benefit any business. Because it makes it easier for staff to do their jobs and removes a lot of the drudge work associated with some roles, it has the potential to improve efficiency and make staff happier – not many operational changes can say that.
Here are some potential business benefits of Operational Intelligence:

  • Quick smart. Operational Intelligence is aimed at getting work done faster and smarter across the business. That means giving people the information to do their jobs well wherever they are. And faster, smarter work has obvious benefits for you and your business.
  • Accurate, reliable results. Because Operational Intelligence removes much of the possibility for human error in your business, it results in work that is accurate and reliable. This benefits you and your customers, with fewer costly or time consuming order and processing errors.
  • Taking the pressure off staff. Intelligent systems can take over the grunt work – like manually processing orders or inputting data – that people dislike. This frees up time for staff to focus on their more complex work, and has the potential to make them feel happier and more motivated as well.
  • Coping with change. You may have a system that works very well, but if it can’t roll with the punches, it’s not Operationally Intelligent. An integrated OI system keeps things ticking along when staff go on holiday or even leave altogether. It stops things from falling through the cracks when things change.
  • Connecting the dots. An intelligent, integrated system makes connections across your business, breaking down silos and helping departments work together. Often, this integration leads to businesses identifying issues and highlighting potential areas of growth and change.
  • Better data, smarter decisions. With the up-to-date information you need at your fingertips, it’s much easier for you and your staff to make smart, savvy decisions in the day-to-day business operations.

Greentree4 is a fully integrated ERP system. As such it provides customers with all the above potential business benefits that may be reaped from Operational Intelligence. Greentree4 has earned a reputation for being easy to use, flexible and responsive; it makes the complex simple and primes business. Greentree4 has been proven in a vast variety of industry sectors and has been adopted by hundreds of organisations. Become Operationally Intelligent with Greentree4!
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The Greentree OI eBook is the perfect place to find out how to start your journey to greater operational intelligence.


  • What OI is
  • The difference between OI and BI
  • How to put the OI into ROI
  • And how you can get it for your business!

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