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Imagine a ERP Solution that enables a myriad of different softwares and device types to connect and communicate. Greentree API is just that. Simply put, API (Application Programming Interface) is yet another way that Greentree expresses it’s customer orientated approach to providing world-class software. It’s slick, it’s integrated and it makes life easier.
According to an article created by our solution partner Greentree:
You can effortlessly exchange information between Greentree and other software applications and devices. Greentree’s API connection engine enables data to flow both ways, enabling all your applications to effectively ‘communicate’ with Greentree.

Key benefits

  •  Easily connect to other applications
  •  Enables data to flow both ways (RESTful)
  •  Greatly reduces the configuration required

Greentree’s API connection engine enables different software systems and devices to communicate with Greentree. It creates a seamless, reusable flow of information between Greentree and other sources of data.
While Greentree software provides a complete business solution, we realise you may want to communicate with specialised industry software or connected devices. Greentree API enables you to connect this critical business information directly into your Greentree business engine with minimal effort.
Some configuration may be required to set up the connection points but with Greentree’s API engine, the bulk of the work has already been done. You have the choice of selecting from Greentree’s extensive library of pre-built API’s or configuring new, two-way (RESTful), connections using the API engine.
It means you really can have the best of both worlds: Greentree ERP software to run your business and the ability to effortlessly connect industry specific applications with Greentree’s API engine.
Hundreds of applications are already connected to Greentree via an API. Contact GT Business to discover how Greentree’s API connection engine can work for you.

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