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Greentree’s ERP delivers Operational Intelligence that can help underpin a service organisations prime function of servicing customers. A business with OI can operate slicker, smarter and ultimately more successfully.
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How would you like an internal customer service manager who works 24/7? They’ve got their eye on every staff member, every service request, every deadline, and communicates it to everyone on time, every time. Sounds like a dream, right? With an operationally intelligent system, you could be in luck (without violating any labour laws).
Operational Intelligence – with a system like Greentree – can make your business more responsive, reduce errors, and help you connect with your customers. And in a competitive industry, it could be the difference between life and death for your company.

Sorting issues before they arise

If you can’t deliver proactive, responsive service, you’ll be left behind by those who can. It’s about using technology to flag issues before they arise, and responding to any problems as quickly as possible.
Greentree helps you do just that, by giving you accurate, up-to-date information right when you need it. It doesn’t matter where your staff are based, if they have access to your database, they can respond immediately to alerts and approval requests. Even your sales team out in the field are part of this interconnected fabric.

Poor communication loses business

These days, customers expect issues resolved instantly – and they demand it too. If you don’t get back to them quickly, they’ll find someone else.
Rather than having someone sit by their computer 24/7, an intelligent system can talk to your customers for you, with automated texts or emails. It can tell you when to call or email clients, give staff at your contact centre the information they need to solve issues, and flag customer complaints.
Greentree also makes it easier for your customers. They can request services, track previous requests, or ask for information through a web portal. It’s about using technology to connect with your customers in new ways.

The difference is in the details

With a smart system like Greentree taking care of the detail your staff get the tools they need to do their best work, spend less time on tedious admin tasks, and spend more time connecting with customers. Your customers get great, timely service, simple and effective communication with staff, and positive experiences.
The bottom line is that even for great service business, the smallest details matter. Souping up your OI with a smart ERP system like Greentree removes the room for error so you, your customers and your business can thrive.
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