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It’s liberating and empowering to know that Greentree is truly portable and accessible anywhere on any device. This means wherever you are, you can lever the power of Greentree to unlock your business needs. So go on, BYOG…Bring Your Own Greentree.
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Not long ago, the idea of employees using their own equipment for work was revolutionary.
Greentree has a ‘UrU’ (or ‘you are you’) philosophy. That means its system recognises users, rather than devices.
With cloud computing, employees could access work servers quickly, from anywhere they could get on the internet. In an increasingly fragmented working world, freeing workers from their desks – and from particular devices – gave businesses an edge.
Like many disruptive shifts in the market, BYOD was so unstoppable that these days it’s no longer a trend – it’s part of how everyone does business.
Really forward-thinking companies got on board early, recognising the flexibility and cost-savings of BYOD. They started planning for the future, working with, rather than against the new trend. Some software providers were right there alongside, helping make the disruptive trend work better for business.
Making BYOD work – anywhere, anytime
BYOD is now part of everyday life and so too are the hundreds of brands of tablets, desktops, laptops and smart phones. Think about your friends, colleagues and acquaintances – how many devices do each of them have? A smart phone, definitely, certainly a PC or laptop (possibly two) and probably a tablet – not to mention those extras, like a smart watch or TV.
And what kind of tech are they? Running what operating system? Do you know there are over 24,000 Android devices that can download an app today? According to the study by Open Signal, the number of devices has more than doubled since it first started reporting back in 2013. Plus, no-one uses just one device any more. Employees are often switching between devices – or operating on more than one at once.
So if a business wants to harness the power of BYOD, how do you make sure all those devices can access your system, without disruption, risking data, or threatening their hard-earned integration?
Understanding UrU
Greentree has a ‘UrU’ (or ‘you are you’) philosophy. That means its system recognises users, rather than devices. Instead of native apps, users access Greentree through their internet browser. This means they can access the system from any device that connects to the internet, and on more than one at a time if need be.
For example, a sales rep might open the company’s business system on a desktop. Leaving the browser still running, the sales rep goes out to a meeting, and uses a tablet to access info from the same system. This is the reality of the way people work – without a business system that allows for their multi-screen life you’re missing out on the business benefits it can bring.
Australian medical research giant The Florey Institute struggled with exactly that. Their HR department had software that worked for everyone – everyone who used a PC, that is. Their all-important contract scientists almost universally worked from Mac computers, which couldn’t be used to access the payroll system.
HR had two extra staff members whose only job was to run around all the science labs collecting hard-copy timesheets and re-enter the data into the payroll system. The Florey’s Group Director of Finance Peter Plecher says on top of the extra cost, the hassle was huge – it was a bad experience, with timesheets going missing or incorrectly filled out.
The Florey Institute credits its Greentree Partner with providing the answers to its multiple needs and devices. From purchasing to payroll, the not-for-profit functions much more efficiently now, and scientists can get back to the research they do best, leaving the admin to administrators.
Multi-device access at no extra charge
Like any change in business, those that have the flexibility to shift with the times are the ones who reap the benefit. Plenty of Software as a Service systems allow multiple device access, but they usually charge for the privilege. The ‘UrU’ philosophy at Greentree means we want ‘U’sers to have the best experience possible – and that means shifting to meet their changing needs, not expecting them to conform to outdated ways of working. That’s why a multi-device feature is just part of the GaaS package, with no hidden charges – it’s just the way people are working these days, and it’s the way we work too.
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