How would you describe your business software…

…a set of spanners or a complete ERP toolkit?

For the purposes of this article we are likening ‘Apps’ to the set of spanners and browser based ERP software to the multifunctional toolkit. The hammer is good for one job, but lacks flexibility, sophistication and ability to be customized. In reality, some business’s stitch together a variety of ‘Apps’ in an attempt at enterprise-wide business system problem solving. The result, is unfortunately, seldom successful, with clumsy connections, lack of integration and no real in-depth functionality being reported.
The following is a related article from our Software Solution Partner Greentree
In business, as in life, it’s great to have options. We put a lot of thought into how to offer mobile access to our software and chose to take a browser-based approach. While there are now a number of systems with native apps being bolted together to act as mobile ERP suites, these present a number of challenges for both developers and users alike. We didn’t go there; we thought you might be interested in our reasoning as to why not.

It’s not that easy

Native apps aren’t that easy. For every functional business role you would need to develop a specific app; then develop a version of that app for each platform OIS, Android etc) and then a different app for every different device (phone, tablet, laptop). That’s a lot of apps.
The user would need to download the app for their specific role from a store or website to every device they’re using. For most of us that would be a minimum of two devices. Multiply that across five or six different apps and you can start seeing where management and updating issues might arise for an organisation.
Getting browser-based access to Greentree is simple, once you’ve set up your domain address it only takes 10 seconds to get mobile. You don’t have to download anything (let alone multiple apps) and there is no installation required on individual devices. Once you’ve been granted access you’re ready to go no matter what device you’re using, the platform it’s operating on or how you’ve configured it.

Update one app at a time

In the native app world you’re reliant on the individual employees in your organization to keep the apps across their devices up to date. Hands up if you’ve got an out of date app on your iPad or tablet? Hopefully it’s not one that’s mission critical to your business.
In using a browser-based approach we can deliver continual improvement and upgrades to all our mobile users at the same time. Once the browser-based access has been switched on updates are tied to your standard system upgrades, no user intervention required.
Speed to market is also part of this. When we are ready to deliver new functionality, all we need to do is make it available within our Greentree mobile browser-based options. We don’t need to create multiple versions of the new app for every platform and device we want to deploy it on. So long as you’ve got access to the core system you can switch on the related browser app as and when it becomes available. Faster for us, simpler for you.

Works your way

And it gets even easier: with native apps, there’s almost no ability to configure the software. Your business has to work with what the app does.
Greentree’s browser-based approach, however, is fully configurable. The configurations and customisations are delivered seamlessly via the browser-based interface. You still get to view the data in a way that makes sense in the mobile world but all of your personalisations are maintained. It gives you the most consistent and productive view of your business management tools as well as ensuring everyone in the organisation can still “work it their way” no matter what device they’re on.
The Greentree ERP Suite is full of options including browser based. So, when it comes to ease of use, flexibility, ability to customize and keep everybody up to date, the multifunctional toolkit wins hands down over the native ‘Apps’.
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