Customer and ERP Integration

GT Business is proudly built on the skills, knowledge and expertise of its employees. Being a technology services and solution business, our consultants represent the vital key interface with our customers. Great ERP software can only be truly great if it is communicated, planned, implemented and updated successfully. Much of this process falls on the shoulders of the GT Business team of consultants.

GT Business specialises in the Greentree4 solution. GT Business are not only highly experienced and knowledgeable with the product, but they also work to a clear methodology of communication, goal setting and accountability. GT Business is a multi-award winning Greentree partner that prides itself on mutually valuable client relations. Our consultants represent the key to excellent customer relationships and successful ERP Integration.

Visit our solution partner Greentree’s website to view the full version of the following abridged article that outlines the value of the technology solution consultant.
Deciding to invest in ERP is the first step. Deciding who to work with is the second – and the most critical. The right consultant is a translator and guide to the world of ERP software. They help you make decisions, streamline implementation, and most importantly, stick around to answer questions and support you as you start to use your new system.
“GT Business took the time to understand what we do and wanted to do. They were very focused, what they showed was very relevant to us and they took a lot of time to ensure we understood how Greentree would give us an advantage.”
Arawa Driscoll, General Manager, Engineering and Sales, ATI
A good consultant is a font of knowledge about your new software. They should not only understand the system inside and out, but they should be able to translate that knowledge to your business situation. They will help you to understand both the technical and practical implications of the decisions you need to make. But the real advantage of a dedicated consultant is their growing knowledge of your business. A great consultant will work hard to understand get to know the way you work, your unique needs and challenges – so they can help you make the most of your new system.
A good consultant isn’t afraid to use their knowledge, either. They’re happy to offer advice when you need it – even if you haven’t asked. You’ll know you have a good one when you follow their advice without a second thought.
A good consultant understands that answering your questions and troubleshooting any issues is essential. They do their best to be available when you need them.
They’re not constantly on call – but they’re responsive to your needs, and they’ll go out of their way to meet them. They’ll follow up too; if they say they’re going to do something, it gets done. They will do the testing and check-ups, no matter how repetitive and tiresome, to make sure that everything is working as it should be.
ERP software can be quite technically complex, so a great consultant needs to be able to communicate with all your stakeholders no matter what role in the company they might hold. They’re half technical expert, half translator. And if someone doesn’t ‘get it’ they will work out how to help them understand.
Of course, communication also means keeping you in the loop. A great consultant will make sure you have all the information you need, when you need it, so your implementation runs as smoothly as possible.
Many of our customers tell us that they see their Greentree Partner and consulting team as an integral part of their business. They’re involved in strategic business decisions, the development of different business processes and long-term planning.
GT Business prides itself on its customer focus and productive client relationships built on trust and business insight. GT Business is committed to helping its customers better manage its business, enhance productivity and grow revenue. GT Business will supply the people and the software tools to help businesses become primed to succeed. Contact GT Business for more information.

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