Service Essentials for ERP SaaS Providers

Any business looking to engage with SaaS, should be aware that they are entering into a service relationship.
Our solution partner Greentree have provided the following helpful outline of the scenario. The original article is available here.
SaaS generally comes with maintenance, support and upgrades built in, so you need to be looking hard at what a company promises.
That’s why we took the business of what services to provide with Greentree as a Service (GaaS) pretty seriously. This isn’t a marketing piece; it’s an undertaking we make to our customers that we know we can keep. It’s a way to make it clear to them what they can expect so they know the software will always be there when they need it.
As part of the research we looked around at what others were saying to create a definitive list of ‘must haves’.
To help you understand where Greentree fits, we’ve taken each recommendation to see how we stack up.
System availability
When you have downtime it costs you. That’s why your SaaS provider should be guaranteeing your system will be online and ready to use at least 99% of the time.
How we stack up
Greentree goes one step further – we promise 99.9% SaaS availability, so if we don’t, it costs us too. We’ll give you rebates if the availability drops below 99.9%.
We measure downtime to the minute, from when the potential fault is first reported to a Greentree partner, to when it is fixed. There are some disclaimers to cover things that are out of our control, including maintenance time, but keeping your business up and running is a commitment we work hard to keep.
Disaster recovery
The difference between a disaster and a hiccup? It’s all in how you prepare. Your SaaS provider should be committed to backups and recovery as a standard part of your cloud services.
How we stack up
With Greentree as a Service you get Greentree Secure, one of the most advanced data recovery capabilities on the market. Depending on your plan, based on the level of protection your business needs, you choose from a range of recovery options right through to an instant hot-switch option. But no matter which option you choose, you get full recovery to the point of failure and in the end, that is what really matters.
Data integrity and ownership
Your data is one of your most valuable assets. There’s no way you would want to hand it over to a third party. Your SaaS provider will need access to your data, but you should still own your data and be able to claim it back at any time.
How we stack up
Your data is your data – we’ll take every step to protect it and make it as easy as possible to hand it back, whenever you choose.
Support response
It’s important to know there will be someone available to give you a hand when issues come up.
How we stack up
You’ll get technical support for GaaS through your Greentree Partner. Any system or software issues with GaaS must be notified to your partner immediately.
You can also report a GaaS outage via a link on our website, 24 hours, 7 days a week. The outage notification goes to Greentree support, your Greentree Partner and our SaaS platform provider and is a constantly monitored service.
Escalation procedures
If you’re not completely happy with the way we’ve sorted things out, there should always be someone else you can talk to. Your SaaS provider should provide you with a clear escalation path for issues and more than one point of contact.
How we stack up
As above, your first port of call should always be your Greentree Partner. In the rare event of them not being available there is a link on our website to report any GaaS outage that may require immediate response. In the advent of a GaaS related issue not being resolved, as for any Greentree customer, the spirit of We3 kicks in and we work with you and your partner to ensure a satisfactory solution is reached.
Maintenance communication
Your system needs maintaining to keep it up to date and running smoothly. Maintenance comes with downtime, so you’ll want to know before it happens. When considering SaaS providers, consider how this maintenance schedule will be communicated. How will anomalies (anything other than a standard update) be managed?
How we stack up
With Greentree you’ll know about any maintenance well ahead of time – standard maintenance is flagged at least three days ahead, critical maintenance a day ahead, and emergency maintenance two hours beforehand. We do any major upgrades in collaboration with your administrator, so all of your users know when these are happening. With GaaS we would aim to complete at least one upgrade every six months – these are an important part of our service.
Product communication
How will new product features and product release notes be communicated?
You’ll want to know about the latest products on offer to make sure the service you offer your clients is the best it can be.
How we stack up
Greentree4Campus is our online training portal that is freely available to every Greentree user. As the name suggests it delivers comprehensive training and resources including the very latest product releases and features. You can take a free tour of what is currently on campus, here.
Beyond the bottom line
When you’re considering a SaaS provider, looking at whether their software offering fits your budget should be only your first consideration. The services, support and communication they offer as part of the package can make all the difference between software that adds to your business, and one that ends up costing you more – in time, in money and in headaches. In short, asking the tough questions about the services being delivered as part of the package will save you from having the tough conversations later.
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