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Good ERP software can only be truly great if it is implemented successfully. The Greentree4 solution is no exception. Fortunately, MYOB Greentree has an outstanding partner network that are not only highly experienced and knowledgeable with the product, but they also work to a clear methodology of communication, goal setting and accountability. GT Business is a multi-award winning MYOB Greentree partner that prides itself on successful implementations.
The following article outlines the central drivers for success, including keeping people informed, setting them up to succeed, and making sure they follow through.

Get everyone on the same page

Miscommunication, crossed wires and key people being left out of the loop can cause chaos and confusion, and almost certainly set the project up for failure. Here’s how to make sure everyone knows what’s going on:

  1. Appoint an internal project manager or owner to interact with the technical project manager and implementation team. It seems obvious, but having a go-to person acts as a funnel. They filter the issues and direct them to the relevant people, while keeping the technical team up to date with anything that directly involves them.
  2. Set some time aside for workshops and one-on-one sessions prior to implementation. Time invested in users and stakeholders at this stage ensures they know what’s required of them and are better prepared for the changes the project brings.
  3. Establish a centralised site specifically for all project information. Shared access means everyone sees the same information, like the project plan, calendar, weekly meeting notes and tracking of tasks.
  4. Hold regular project meetings. For best results, stick to a schedule and keep detailed minutes to record any identified actions or decisions made during the meeting. Make sure you reinforce the meetings with regular progress reports. Keep them simple and visual for best results.

Set realistic goals

One way to kill a project is to set unattainable goals. Teams can quickly become disillusioned and stressed – not ideal for implementation.
So start with a very clear project scope. Include everyone who’ll be using the software in this process. Get their input on the priorities and timeline, so they’re set and agreed on by everyone from the start. And once you’re under way make sure you follow up with thorough reporting and tracking to measure against the project goals.
One strategy to help staff cope with change is a “layering” approach. As the name suggests, this involves splitting the project into layers, or different areas, and implementing them separately. As staff get comfortable with one new area, another is introduced. This method might make implementation take a bit longer, but it minimises disruption.
Of course, things don’t always go according to plan, but if you have strategies in place to deal with the unexpected (and these can be positive rather than problematic changes) then you’ll be able to get back on track quickly. Part of goal-setting is deciding on the processes to deal with any unexpected scope changes before the project starts – that way, these can be handled without a fuss.

Action and accountability

A big part of any project going well is people doing things when they say they’re going to do them. When you’re setting up the project scope and timeline, make sure to include role responsibilities and an acceptable response time. You don’t want the project held up for weeks waiting for someone to get round to doing their bit. You need clear accountability for everyone on the project team, internally and externally.
A willingness to be flexible is very important. Doing things right takes time and patience and sometimes that can require the team to work outside of business hours or even over the weekend to ensure minimal disruption. You might have to deal with unexpected illness or staff changes and adjust roles and responsibilities accordingly.
GT Business will ensure the implementation finishes on time, on budget and with the tools and software to help businesses are primed to do better. Contact GT Business for more information.
“GT Business took the time to understand what we do and wanted to do. They were very focused, what they showed was very relevant to us and they took a lot of time to ensure we understood how Greentree would give us an advantage.”
Arawa Driscoll, General Manager, Engineering and Sales, ATI

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