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Brook Mclean

Brook McLean, Business Journalist for ERP Leaks

>Reporting on news that matters…

Keeping Cool is Hot Work

Greentree International’s investigative reporter ‘Brook McLean’ has revealed that the HVAC industry wants to perform as efficiently as possible. However, ERP leaks…
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Hot Topics Exposed

Business Growth 2014

growth1-150x150Greentree has helped companies of all types get primed…
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Insight into Business Dropout

Business-Growth-Exposed3-150x150Greentree International a leading ERP software provider…
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Service Industries

Take control of everyGo to the HVAC area aspect of your HVAC business from scheduling & billing to sales with one integrated Solution…
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Services Business Transformation

ERP Leaks have uncovered that businesses are transforming service areas into profit…
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Services Business Client Video Testimonials:
Paramount Cleaning Services embarked on a campaign of acquisition during the global recession. This came at a time when business rivals were struggling or even going under. With new business hard to come by, Paramount sought to become more competitive. It didn’t do this by undercutting competitor prices either; this had not been a successful strategy for other firms. Instead, Paramount Cleaning Services with the help of a facilitating ERP platform, took a step that allowed for “aggressive growth without any problems”, in the words of the company’s Finance Director, Bill Wu. To learn what it was that made such an impression, ERP Leaks paid Paramount a visit and caught the truth on camera – watch the video.

Fire Fighting Pacific found themselves in great demand on the fateful day in February 2011, when a massive earthquake struck the Christchurch region of New Zealand. This led to significant loss of life and caused $40 billion worth of damage. ERP Leaks has uncovered one of the untold stories that escaped the headlines – On the day of the disaster, locally-based fire alarm specialist Fire Fighting Pacific swung into action. With unexpected surges in work – Fire Fighting Pacific’s Technician’s mobilised to help businesses whose staff were traumatised and whose premises were in ruins. Corporate Services Manager Charlie Loughnan recounted that time – watch the video.

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