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GT Business Solutions will listen, respond, and be proactive to the very particular enterprise resource planning needs and objectives of your business.

ATI Australia

“GT Business took the time to understand what we do and wanted to do…they took a lot of time to ensure we understood how Greentree would give us an advantage.”

ATI needed a fully integrated ERP system for resource and project management, and for the sort of reporting that gives instant snapshots of business performance. It chose MYOB Greentree, and Partner GT Business Solutions.

BWA Auto

“We’re looking to grow all areas of the business and with Greentree we’re ready for the challenges ahead.”

BWA Auto chose GT Business to provide the Greentree Solution because “They listened to our needs and they weren’t just salesmen trying to close a deal,” says Parts Manager, Craig Whyms.

Southern Cross Care

“With Greentree there is no waiting, no processing, and no downtime.”

The last 10 years has seen a 600% growth rate and each year builds 4-5 additional facilities. Southern Cross Care has become one of the largest aged care providers in Australia.


“We trust GT Business…While we had conversations with a couple of other companies, we knew in our heart of hearts that we wanted to go with GT Business.”

When WorkVentures, one of Australia’s oldest social enterprises, decided to upgrade its business systems, it knew that GT Business Solutions, and Greentree, were the right choices.

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