Take control of every aspect of your HVAC business from scheduling to billing to marketing and sales with one fully integrated Management Solution

Meeting the HVAC Business Challenges

Every HVAC firm has a large data management challenge, simply because of the issues presented by the operational diversity in terms of product, service and job revenue streams. In order to reduce overhead expenses, better meet customer expectations and win more bids and contracts, successful HVAC firms are looking at HVAC business management packages like the MYOB Greentree Solution presented by GT Business to help create new efficiencies and value adds. Go to the ERP LEAKS ‘Keeping Cool is Hot Work for HVAC’ news story

Here are some of the main business enablements that Greentree HVAC Business Solution presented by GT Business helps deliver:

  • More efficiently acquire and maintain customers
  • Accurately estimate jobs to ensure profitability
  • Set up user defined Service Level Agreements
  • Enter data into one integrated system
  • Present more effective bids and proposals that lead to more business
  • Eliminate service delays and product shortages
  • Get the best possible pricing from suppliers
  • More completely and quickly collect customer payment
  • Accomplish more work in less time
  • Reduce operational overhead and administrative support costs

All the right features for Running the HVAC business

Running the HVAC business involves some unique business challenges. Companies in most other industries typically specialize in either service or product sales. HVAC companies often handle both. To make things more complex, HVAC companies generally not only perform service work, but job-oriented contract work. All this usually means getting overloaded with the day to day, rather than being in control and strategically managing the growth of your business.  Using Greentree Software, GT Business will provide you with the tools to take control of every aspect of your HVAC business, from scheduling to billing to marketing and sales, all with one fully integrated Solution.

Features include:

  • Estimate and Sales Control
  • Customer Relationship Management and Data Storage
  • Project Management
  • Job Management
  • Scheduling Tools
  • HR & Payroll Management
  • Sales and Marketing Tracking and Reporting
  • Data Management and Security
  • Inventory & Maintenance Management
  • Service Contract Management
  • On-Site Equipment Tracking
  • Comprehensive Accounting

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