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Latest Release Highlights

  • Windows Designer –Supports Customisation of the Tables (drop lists)
  • New AP Payment Selection Options –Payment Terms and Trees
  • Support for OAuth 2 Authentication with Microsoft Exchange
  • Auto Print Report Option –Generates reports whose delivery method is Print and skips those with Email
  • eDocs –Support for Sales Orders
  • Workflow Desktop –Introduced a Search Facility
  • Windows Explorer and MS Outlook / Office 365 –Drag & Drop Functionality to add Attachments
  • Report Writer –Attaching of Masterfile images (photo, signature, etc) to reports

Query Designer (with more advanced features than Explorer Query):

  • Queries can be built with both an “And” / “Or” Selection Criteria
  • Ability to Import / Export Queries and Publish Results / Views
  • Queries can be assigned to Team(s) and or User(s)
  • Queries can be made available to ODBC and integrated with other reporting tools such as QlikView, MS Access, etc.
  • Queries can be added as a window panel on the Workflow Desktop where it can also integrate with other 3D Panels.
  • Any Numeric or Date Property can be assigned a Total function EgTotal, Average, Maximum, Minimum
  • Add Parameters, Collections And Runtime Variables to create multiple views of the same Query
  • Data elements (fields) can be searched rather than scrolling through alphabetically to be selected
  • Query Panel Parameters can be changed on the fly on the Workflow Desktop

Introduction to MYOB Query Designer

Release Notes

MYOB Greentree
Release Notes

MYOB Greentree
Release Notes

MYOB Greentree
Release Notes

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