QLIK Sense. Analytics without blind spots.

GT Business seamlessly integrates Qlik Sense into your business. Our consultants will help you determine the most relevant ERP solution for your business, cater a solution from the multitude of options and simplify the implementation.

Learn why GT Business is your perfect Qlik Sense partner.

Qlik Sense and GT Business

GT Business can help bring together all your people with all your data to explore ideas and make decisions, the possibilities are nearly limitless. But agility without control can create chaos. Qlik Sense’s multi-cloud capabilities offer the security, scalability and performance that even the most demanding industries require, all within a governed framework everyone can trust.

Qlik Sense Data Visualisations

Qlik Sense’s innovative visualisations put your data in the right context to answer any question. Explore the shape of data and pinpoint outliers. Use advanced analytics integration and geographic calculation to broaden insight. And the new Insight Advisor offers machine generated insights and suggestions, in-context with your unique intuition.

Analysis with Qlik Sense

Ask any question and quickly explore across all your data for insight, using global search and interactive selections. All analytics update instantly with each click, no matter how deep you go, furthering analysis or pivoting your thinking in new directions. There is no limit to exploration and no data left behind.

Your data, anywhere, anytime.

Explore, create, and collaborate on any device, directly at the point of decision. Qlik Sense is built from the ground up with responsive mobile design and touch interaction. Build analytics apps once, and they’ll work everywhere, on desktop, tablet, or mobile devices.

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