Riskteq. WHS Compliance, Risk and Safety Management.

Riskteq WHS Software

GT Business partners with Riskteq to deliver WHS software seamlessly integrated into your business. Riskteq is the ultimate software solution for WHS Compliance, Risk and Safety management. 

The ultimate in Aged Care Risk Management

Get out in front of a challenging legislative environment. Manage compliance obligations using a single and transparent solution. Do more of what you do best – offering great care.

WHS Software Implementation and Support

”Our vision is to make a positive difference on risk and safety management processes within an organisation. Knowing that the people involved can feel safer because RiskTeq is being used in their workplace gives us a sense of ease.“
Chris Rasmussen CEO, Riskteq

The GT Business partnership with Riskteq offers the solution and the support to adapt to changing business and legislative requirements. Quickly, efficiently and pro-actively target workplace risk management and compliance.

The Compliance, Risk & Safety Management Solution for Age Care

  • Compliance made Easy
    Riskteq lets you capture all your compliance needs in a single transparent solution no more weeks of preparation to bring all the disparate information together.
  • Reduce your Incidents
    Riskteq’s mobility allows you to quickly record hazards before they become incidents no more paper forms or spreadsheets.
  • Provide Feedback easily
    Riskteq is collaborative and gives you the power to record complaints and compliments while allowing for continuous improvement.
  • Single solution to Manage both your Operational & Corporate Risk
    Riskteq can manage all your organisations risk from your Corporate Objectives to your everyday Age Care operational needs.
  • See things that only matter to you
    Riskteq allows you to Personalise your own dashboard so that you only see the things that are important to you.
  • Easy Reporting
    Riskteq allows you to report from a single source of the truth giving you the flexibility to choose, tabular, graphical, or drill troughs.
  • Single Source of the TRUTH
    Riskteq will interface with most common Age Care solutions allowing information to be pulled into a single solution to report on.

Standard Operating Procedures & Planning for higher risk activities

Riskteq helps you provide safe work environments for your staff and clients, visitors and contractors.

Riskteq links top-down safety and risk governance with bottom-up, on the ground planning and execution, to deliver a controlled, safe work environment. New activities can easily be created to build out a project framework. Template driven planning delivers efficiency.

Planning is quick and easy:

  • Standard Activity Templates
  • Work Site Master Records
  • Structured risk assessment using Standard Risks with predefined risk controls hierarchies ( based on risk type )
  • Equipment that is available and in service, and
  • Filtered selection lists of qualified personnel and contractors
  • Quick attachment of documents and images
  • Personnel have the required qualifications, equipment requiring servicing.
  • Riskteq’s workflow engine routes your work plan through the required approvals, and ensures everyone is informed

Riskteq connects and puts everyone on the same page, delivering a controlled risk environment for any activity.

Helping you provide safe work environments

If you are responsible for managing risk or providing safe work environments you know how complex and challenging this work can be.

You are constantly faced with:

  • Providing safe work environments in every work situation
  • Constantly ensuring safety for visitors, guests or the public in general
  • Managing legislative and regulatory compliance
  • Managing accreditation objectives
  • Managing business and operational risk
  • The demands of meaningful and timely reporting

Riskteq gives you a complete workflow enabled suite of risk, compliance and safety management tools.


  • Experience proven, mature, functionally rich safety and risk planning
  • Manage your accreditation, legislative and audit compliance obligations
  • Easily report incidents, hazards, feedback from any mobile device. Transparency in managing outcomes
  • A single solution for both corporate and operational risk management
  • Manage personnel and contractors
  • Easily plan for higher risk activities
  • Access the reports you need for informed business decisions

Riskteq delivers solutions to all industries

Riskteq has the flexibility to meet the needs of operational risk management across many industries, providing a critical link between governance and compliance and operational risk planning.

Whatever your industry, RiskTeq can deliver the tools and control you need to manage Risk, Safety and Compliance for your operations.

Because RiskTeq is totally configurable it can be tailored to your specific environment, and allows you to define and implement your own Governance Framework and ensure those doing the work are operating in a controlled risk environment. RiskTeq can deliver real value in almost any environment where operational risk exists.

Riskteq WHS Software

Learn why GT Business is your perfect Riskteq partner.

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