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GT Business delivers MYOB Greentree, the powerful, leading edge, modular business management software solution. The Greentree ERP Solution is synonymous with providing seamless business integration. This means ultimate business centralisation, connectivity and control. This equates to better decision making and smart cost control. Using Greentree GT Business customers have developed key operating efficiencies and competitive advantage in their relevant market space. Greentree4: Primed for Business. 

Greentree Software Solution:

GT Business has helped its customers utilize Greentree ERP software to streamline processes and enhance system-wide performance. With guidance from GT Business, these companies have become more productive and profitable. They have structured cost controls and deployed highly effective KPI’s and customized reporting to empower strategic decision making. Most of all they have the time and capabilities to totally focus on providing value for their customers. From customer service to manufacturing, from purchasing to warehouse, from all business activity to the financial results Greentree provides an optimized, safe and sure business-building environment that scales and facilitates growth. With Greentree and GT Business, businesses become more competitive and easier to manage. Discover Greentree’s new generation ERP capabilities –  For an Introduction to Greentree4

Greentree Technology & Platforms

Imagine what it would be like to always have access to the latest and greatest business software at low cost and minimal impact; to be able to effectively match latest business practice and technology to help optimise all activity across your organisation. It’s easy to get caught up with all the clever things that are happening in business computing, but you also have to cover the fundamentals – like operational security. Greentree’s API connection engine enables different software systems and devices to communicate with Greentree. It creates a seamless, reusable flow of information between Greentree and other sources of data.

Deployment & Licensing Options

Greentree and GT Business provide 3 key ERP enablement opportunities. Customers can choose from the following deployment options:
  • On-Premise
  • Hosted in the Cloud
  • SaaS solution – Greentree-as-a-Service (GaaS).

Financial Management Software Suite

Greentree’s Financial Management Software Suite will provide you with advanced accounting functionality and the ability to easily create a variety of sophisticated financial reports and so much more. Greentree will provide a robust, dependable and secure financial framework that will deliver stakeholder confidence and enhanced business management performance. Greentree’s Financial Management Software Suite includes:

Supply Chain & Distribution Suite

Greentree’s Supply Chain and Distribution suite of modules assures confident execution of the supply process, from request through to delivery. Greentree meets the demands of pressured operational environments by handling critical lead times while maintaining optimal inventory levels. Every level of employee has relevant information visibility and is effectively empowered to make the right decisions. Purchasing and logistic’s departments will thrive with the best tools available. Greentree’s Supply Chain & Distribution Suite includes:

Job Costing Software Suite

Greentree Job Cost tools maximise the effectiveness of projects that will empower your budgeting, cost break down and timesheet recording on jobs or projects of any size. These tools help provide you with successfulprojects. Greentree’s Job Costing allows you to measure all costs incurred against a project, and to accumulate and invoice these costs periodically. Nothing is missed. You can assess the status of all your projects at any stage and determine the costs and revenue to date. Greentree’s Jobcosting Software Suite includes:

Manufacturing Software Suite

Greentree’s Manufacturing Software Suite, is designed to allow you to easily and accurately manage the assembly of products for make to order and make to stock manufacturing requirements, ensuring you know exactly what materials are required, at what cost, ensuring responsive customer delivery at appropriate pricing and profit margins. Greentree’s Manufacturing Software Suite includes:

Workflow Software Suite

Greentree Workflow Software Suite enables you to build and improve mission critical practices and to rapidly respond to the internal and external business environment. Now you truly can have your finger on the pulse of your business. Always having an instant snapshot of real-time key business information live at your fingertips is vital to any organisation striving for improved and streamlined business processes. With information being entered and maintained in your system constantly, obtaining the real time status of key business components can be difficult. Greentree Workflow delivers a real opportunity to achieve everyday greatness via a truly dynamic dimension for your business. Greentree’s Workflow Software Suite includes:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software Suite

Greentree’s CRM Software Suite provides a solution that can be easily tailored to suit most businesses, with seamless integration into the core Greentree financial and distribution modules and secure workgroup-based access to sensitive information. Greentree CRM enables organisations to define and develop productive and highly interactive business relationships. Greentree’s Customer Relationship Management Software Suite includes:

Service & Asset Management Software Suite

Greentree’s Service and Asset Management related modules deliver powerful options to better manage your business. Greentree’s service-related modules provide a range of complimentary tools that range from intelligently addressing calls to the support/help desk, to managing field-service requests and the maintenance of assets in multiple locations. Greentree’s service related tools give you the flexibility and potential to do more with your business and provide a higher standard of service to your customers. Greentree’s Service & Asset Management Software Suite includes:

eBusiness Software Suite

Greentree eBusiness Software Suite provides adaptable and secure on-line solutions that allow your customers and staff to easily access their account details, place orders, check on stock availability and pricing, plus access to a whole range of on-line functions. Greentree’s eBusiness Software Suite includes:

Human Resources Software Suite

Greentree’s Human Resource Software Suite provides the tools that form the basis of your organisation’s workforce planning, analysis and productivity attributes and overall organisational capability This is underpinned by Greentree’s highly effective HR management system that runs prompt and accurate payroll, maintains detailed records of staff attributes and capabilities, as well as smartly managing the recruitment process allowing you to maintain your competitive edge. Greentree’s Human Resources Software Suite includes:

Retail Software Suite

Greentree POS Software will adapt to fit your business systems rather than change your processes to fit the software system. Greentree’s POS system has been designed to maximise data entry efficiency by minimising the number of keystrokes required to enter a sales transaction, with many time-saving factors built into Greentree POS. Maximise your customer’s experience, take control of inventory and secure your POS system at every level and point of access. Create an audit trail for ‘track and trace’ so you can see who, when, where and how access took place, what was sold and to which customers. Business Intelligence Software Suite Greentree IQ (Powered by QlikView) is positively changing the face of business. Businesses thrive on access to and the quality of, their data. Greentree IQ (Powered by QlikView) will gather and analyse data for the purpose of helping enterprise users adapt and make better business decisions. Effectively the organization is energised and empowered by having a comprehensive knowledge of all of the factors that affect the business. Can your business afford not to have such a significant game changing business intelligence tool at it’s fingertips? Greentree’s Business Intelligence Software Suite includes:

Information Access & Reporting Software Suite

Greentree Reporting delivers. Complex and changing demands on business mean having access to powerful reports from many varied points of reference. Having the best possible information available to empower your team to make the most business effective decisions is vital – that’s what Greentree delivers. Get a 360° view of information and, with real time updates across all fully integrated modules. Greentree’s Information & Access Software Suite provides a wide range of capable tools designed to support your varied reporting and analysis needs and keep you well informed and always one step ahead. Greentree’s Information Access & Reporting Software Suite includes:

Mobility Software Suite

Greentree’s Mobile Software solutions allow’s business to stay connected with live information meaning the organisation and it’s employees are in control. If you operate a warehouse or have sales or service staff in the field then Greentree can provide the platform for your business to realise these goals with an empowering suite of Mobile software solutions. Complex and competitive markets are driven by customers demanding faster decisions, reduced costs and better quality of service. This places increased pressure on organisations of all sizes to deliver to these demands with faster decisions, more efficient processes and reduced costs. Go further with Greentree and GT Business! Greentree’s Mobility Solutions Software Suite includes:  

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