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It’s integrated, it’s interactive, it’s accurate and it’s fast and easy to use!

QlikView is the next generation of interactive business intelligence that really puts you in control. QlikView builds a total view of the company including the ability to compare customer, product line and territory performance, identify trends and build forecasts based on ‘what-if’ scenarios and perform detailed critical analysis of key business performance indicators. QlikView is a truly empowering tool, that puts all the business answers at your fingertips.
With QlikView you will get the information you need in seconds so that you can focus on what is important – making decisions and taking care of business.
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The next generation of interactive Business Intelligence Software

QlikView enables you to see your business in new ways. Unlike other Business Intelligence solutions with rigid data models that limit analysis, QlikView’s unique and award winning “in-memory associative technology” lets you interactively explore your data with complete freedom. It enables you to ask new questions and uncover new associations with blazing speed, resulting in better insights and decisions. It’s about making the right moves, achieving measurable success and being able to act now.
QliView allows the user to look at data both deeper and differently. In traditional reporting you have to decide what you want and then build the report based on data you want. This means you don’t know what you are missing or how the data compares to the big picture.

QlikView BI

QlikView works the other way. Its technology allows you to load all the data and then take subsets by drilling down on details. With a click of the button you can move up or down through the information subsets and adjust the subsets, as you like it!

Key Features

Commit to a higher level of Business Intelligence with the extensive range of features including:


Your dashboards can be easily customised to display metrics that are important to you and your business, for example compare year-on-year and month-on-month sales and margin and also debtor ageing.

Sales Analysis

Analyse any imaginable aspect of your sales data with dynamic grouping and clustering to uncover all the answers.

What-If Analysis

With QlikView “What-If” analysis you can easily analyse how costs, price and volume affects your margins.

Supply Chain and Purchasing

With QlikView’s advanced product query you will get a complete picture on one page of:

  • Historical sales volumes so that you can plan your purchase
  • Pricing information
  • Inventory-on-hand information
  • Cost
  • Outstanding purchase orders


Inventory Analysis

Detailed inventory balance analysis will help you save money by identifying bottlenecks and overstock situations, including:

  • Inventory valuation
  • Weekly cover
  • Compare inventory value against sales and purchases
  • Find dead items that hasn’t moved in a long time



Mobile Clients, iPhone, Android and Mobile Java

With the server deployment, you have the option to publish your QlikView models to smartphone mobile users giving them access to your data.


Set up custom alerts within QlikView to get notified when things happen in your business. Alerts can come via pop-ups or email and can be set to anything that is important to your business.

Local Machine Deployment

You can deploy QlikView on any local computer running windows and even take your data snapshots with you on the road.
QlikView is the Business Intelligence Solution that puts you in the driving seat!

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