GT Business Solutions delivers Sage ERP Accpac, a completely integrated, multinational business management solution, built on the most flexible and expandable architecture available today. Cost-effective, quick to implement and simple to use, Sage ERP Accpac provides best-in-class solutions to automate workflow throughout your organisation. GT Business will ensure your Sage ERP Accpac solution provides enterprise-wide visibility, maximising collaboration and providing insight for strategic decisions that drive revenue growth and improve profitability.
GT Business Solutions targets midsized companies with Sage ERP Accpac, a highly adaptable solution for financials, CRM, operations and business intelligence. The flexible design of Sage ERP Accpac makes it the ideal solution to tailor your management system to your needs as your business grows, domestically, and internationally.

Sage ERP Accpac is an end-to-end, highly functional mid-market business software solution that addresses a wide variety of general and vertical/specialist requirements. This includes a financial suite, an operational suite, POS, service management, manufacturing, business intelligence, distribution, warehouse management and EDI. The product is built on a multi-tiered architecture offering robustness, flexible customisation as well as a choice of operating systems, databases and user interfaces.

Key SAGE ERP Accpac Suite Highlights


General Ledger

The Sage Accpac General Ledger module is the foundation of your Sage Accpac ERP system, with flexibility that meets the current and future financial management requirements of organizations of all types and sizes. It provides a robust feature set designed to handle your most demanding budgeting and processing needs. General Ledger fully integrates with all modules and is the key to maximizing the efficiency and accuracy of your financial data.

Accounts Receivable

With the Sage Accpac Accounts Receivable module, you can manage your customers and fine-tune customer relations by keeping track of important sales information and outstanding balances. Accounts Receivable allows you to easily apply cash to outstanding invoices and create recurring charges for quick invoicing of monthly charges. Accounts Receivable is also fully integrated with Bank Services, for complete bank reconciliation.

Accounts Payable

The Sage Accpac Accounts Payable module provides robust accounting features to streamline your entire cash flow process and help you save money. Accounts Payable has a powerful library of accounting and reporting features that facilitate rapid entry of vendor invoices, flexible cash disbursement, and full check reconciliation using Bank Services.


Inventory Control

The Sage Accpac Inventory Control module is a complete multi-location inventory management system that keeps track of stock levels and processes inventory receipts, shipments, returns, and adjustments. Inventory Control includes extensive on-screen inquiry and reporting functions to give you the detailed, current information crucial for effective inventory management.

Order Entry

The Sage Accpac Order Entry module allows you to enter orders and sales returns and print invoices, credit notes, order confirmations, picking slips, and shipping labels. You can track transaction details and sales information on-screen and in printed reports. Order Entry integrates fully with Inventory Control and Accounts Receivable, so you always know your inventory levels and the status of your customer accounts.

System Manager

The Sage Accpac System Manager module controls access to all Sage Accpac ERP accounting modules and information. It is the hub from which all other modules operate and affects nearly everything you do in your Sage Accpac system, from establishing security to searching for a record within a file. System Manager includes effective tools that ensure data integrity and complete processing and security management, enabling users to work more productively. System Manager also allows Sage Accpac to run through a standard Web browser without client software, centralizing IT management and lowering overall ownership costs. Additionally, SystemManager provides employees, customers, and partners with secure anytime, anywhere access to Sage Accpac. One unified solution.

Sage ERP Accpac provides one unified solution enabling more productive people, better management of the entire customer lifecycle, and the ability to gain real insight into business metrics. Build your business on a solid foundation with a superior architecture that provides the power needed today with the flexibility to adapt for tomorrow. Reap the rewards of a global reaching solution with the breadth of functionality to support multi-company and multinational organisations combined with a local touch.

  • One Solution: end-to-end automation for the life of your business
  • Superior Architecture: flexible & scalable – grows with your business
  • Automate: critical business processes and workflows
  • Be Empowered: to make smarter, quicker decisions
  • Work Anywhere: and connect multiple locations with remote and web access capabilities

Enhanced Productivity Tools

The following examples, Accpac Portal and Accpac Snapshots, are just two of the many enhanced Sage ERP Accpac tools that enable companies to spend less time managing their software and more time focusing on their business performance:

Sage ERP Accpac Portal

The Sage ERP Accpac Portal simplifies desktop navigation and allows customisable, faster access to information so you can accomplish everyday tasks more quickly and focus on strategic projects. Benefits include:

  • Improved efficiency and productivity of your staff
  • Simplified navigation
  • Easier for new users to learn, lowering training costs
  • Access to portal via web browser
  • Personalised information access

Sage ERP Accpac Portal in action

Sage ERP Accpac Snapshots

Sage ERP Accpac Snapshots allows you secure access to key performance indicators (KPI’s), with drilldown capabilities to underlying financial reports. The graphical presentation of information helps with quick identification of trends or issues for more proactive business decisions. Benefits include:

  • Better decision-making through faster actionable information access
  • Proactively spot trends
  • Identify possible issues
  • Stay on top of your business’ key performance indicators

Sage ERP Accpac Snapshots in action – AR Reports

25 Reasons to choose Sage ERP Accpac


One unified solution on which to build your business: enabling more efficient processing, more productive people, management of your entire customer lifecycle and the ability to gain real insight into the business.


SMB-centric: specifically designed to meet the business management requirements of small-to-mid-sized organisations or divisions of larger companies.


Integration-ready out-of-the-box: integrates quickly and cost-effectively with third party applications through secure, standards-based web services APIs.


Full-suite CRM included: exceptional functional breadth and depth across sales, marketing and customer service.


Modular: deploy as needed within your organisation and add modules as your business grows.


Easy-to-use: intuitive interfaces and quick start guides, ensure user adoption and productivity from day one.


User customisable: personalisation capabilities provide users with instant access to the exact information they need in a format that makes sense to them.


Easy to deploy and maintain: fully web-architected Sage ERP Accpac can be deployed quickly and cost-effectively on-demand (hosted) or on-premise, and over multiple locations where required.


Flexible deployment choice: move from on-premise to on-demand or vice versa as business requirements change.


Delivers straight-through processing: reduces or removes the need to re-key and re-verify information as it passes between front-office to back-office environments.


Superior Architecture: flexible & scalable – grows with your business – 100, 200 and 500 Editions to scale painlessly and cost-effectively with company growth.


Low cost: provides a low TCO for companies regardless of complexity, scale or deployment requirements.


Based on a simplified technology platform: offering freedom of choice when it comes to server and user operating systems, as well as databases.


Internationally supported: supported by a large global network of Sage regional operations and certified business partners.


Multiple languages available: (5 out of the box) and language is selected by user.


Compliance with multiple legislations and accounting practices: enable managing global business within one system.


Full sub-ledger support of multiple currencies.


Sophisticated inter-company and consolidation processing: simplifies transactions between business entities.


Vertical-ready: supported by a global network of development partners with deep regional and industry-specific expertise.


Process automation ready: out-of-the-box, Sage ERP Accpac provides extensive business process automation across the entire organisation and can be quickly adapted to capture new processes or modify existing ones.


Business performance-centric: provides a comprehensive suite of business intelligence, user-customisable snapshots, reports and alerts messaging to ensure real-time visibility on key performance indicators and other commercially significant trends.


A collaborate ecosystem of Business Partners: helps our customers thrive.


Cost saving efficiencies in your warehouse: as well as the integration of your global supply chains.


Powerful project and services management: provides true accountability from a central point to help you manage the resources, products, and services your business offers.


Proven, Reliable, Experienced


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