GT Business presents Sage PFW ERP, an award-winning, comprehensive financial, distribution, and process manufacturing solution. Sage PFW ERP provides growing companies with a flexible, expandable architecture, and is particularly well-suited for import/export and companies that want to utilize their software across national borders. Its process manufacturing modules add specifically targeted capabilities to boost production, maximize profits, and increase efficiency in your supply chain.

GT Business deploy Sage PFW ERP to deliver all the features you’d expect from a high-powered ERP package, such as support of multiple currencies, multiple companies, multiple languages, consolidations, and inter-company processing. In addition, this complete business management and process manufacturing solution uses advanced three-tier architecture. Several tasks, such as posting routines, reports, listings, and utilities, optionally run on application servers instead of client workstations—reducing network traffic and bottlenecks.

Sage PFW ERP departs from other packages by providing immediate access to vital information, enhanced customer service, streamlined operations, and international business capabilities.

Sage PFW Software Configurations

Sage PFW Software Configurations are modular and fully integrated, providing adaptability today and scalability tomorrow.
Written in Microsoft Visual Basic, you can be confident Sage PFW will be running rock-solid for years to come.

Sage PFW manages the unique aspects of your enterprise, organizes resources, and provides the visibility necessary to improve bottom-line results.

    • Core Accounting

      Sage PFW Core Accounting applications are the system’s heart — General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Bank Book, and Multi-Currency Manager.

    • Process Manufacturing

      Globally, Sage PFW is the most widely used PC-based process manufacturing software solution in the world! Thousands of midrange process manufacturers in over 40 countries gain leverage with Sage PFW.

    • Distribution

      Managing every phase of the distribution process with Sage PFW will reduce costs and increase profits.

    • Business Intelligence Tools

      Customizable report writers, integration tools, business intelligence tools, and electronic printing solutions complete the Sage PFW business information system. FRx Desktop provides financial reporting (balance sheets, income statements, and more) and comes bundled with both versions of the General Ledger application.

    • eBusiness

      Transacting business over the Internet is something your customers expect. The eBusiness application simplifies the technology barrier, giving you the flexibility to build a Web presence complete with security features to keep hackers out.


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