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When WorkVentures, one of Australia’s oldest social enterprises, decided to upgrade its business systems, it knew that GT Business Solutions, and Greentree, were the right choices.
download-pdf-btn“We trust GT Business,” says Linda Graham-McCann, CEO of WorkVentures. “They’ve supported us for a long time and helped our organisation in so many ways. While we had conversations with a couple of other companies, we knew in our heart of hearts that we wanted to go with GT Business. These kinds of relationships go way beyond just making a buck.”
WorkVentures has helped more than 230,000 people through its 35-year history, improving lives by providing training and computer skills that help people find work. Its founder, Steve Lawrence, started many different business ventures, which means it has to manage a very complex revenue model. For example, WorkVentures also operates technology services businesses turning over millions of dollars of revenue each year, making it a unique environment that can provide hands-on experience as well as formal qualifications.
“Quite simply, Greentree is going to make us more efficient.” Linda Graham-McCann, CEO, WorkVentures
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